Friday, 16 August 2013

Myrtle the turtle

At school there was a little turtle and the turtles name was Myrtle. Everyone in Emma’s class liked Myrtle. Every day the children’s in Emma's class  took Myrtle for a walk around the park.

When the children went home they put the turtle in the aquarium. When the children put the turtle in the aquarium the turtle was cold so she went to the heater but it was broken and the turtle was so so cold.

When the children came back to the aquarium the children went to see Myrtle. She did not move the childrens knew that there was something wrong with Myrtle but then the turtles eyes was open and  they knew she had died.

Then they digged a hole and put the turtle in it. Emma will sit with Myrtle for an hour a day. Then Emma sore something coming out of the grass. It was Myrtle Everyone was happy. Then the children took Myrtle to the vet and they had to cut the turtles right leg of. But everyone was still happy.


Kaho said...

Hey kelvin i liked your writing about Myrtle turtles.How did you came up with the idea to do this?

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