Friday, 14 February 2014

Explanation Building a Fale

Walt: write an explanation  

One sunny day at Samoa the Samoans had to build a fale. First the Samoans had to find flat ground because if the Samoans don't find flat ground then it will be more harder for you to build a fale. Then the Samoans needed to find material because then how will build a fale When the Samoans built the fale the first thing to make for the fale is the floor because if the Samoans don't have a floor then how will you build the fale.                                                                                                

Next the Samoans  finish the the floor you need to build the roof. For the roof  the Samoans need leaves to make the roof. When the Samoans put the leaves on the roof the Samoans  have to overlap them .Then the Samoans put the leaves on to a pole then put it on the roof. The Samoans have to go up on the roof and check if there no gaps.                                                                                                                        

finally  after checking for no gap then the roof was  finished. Then the Samoans do the wall with some  fronds.There are no windows.


Ifa said...

Hi Kelvin I like your explanation about building a fale because if you get stuck in the woods you will be able to build a fale to stay in. Would you still remember how to build a fale?

Arihi said...

Hi Kelvin I enjoyed reading your explanation about the fale. How would you feel about making your own.

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