Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Walt: write an acrostic poem


B Basketball Is A Skilled Sport

A And An Important Sport.

S Sport is hard.

K Kelvin and Kaho are good at playing sports.

E energy is what you need when you play sports.

T To play you need to learn.`

B basketball is a very hard sports because you need energy.

A At sports camp it is going to be a very hard competition.

L  Learning sport will give you skills.

L Learning sports will take you places you've never been before.Screenshot from 2014-03-07 11:47:26.png


Mikayla said...

Kelvin! This acrostic poem of yours is amazing. You seem to be very naughty, but your work is excellent. I couldn't even do this in just a small amount of time. I found this really hard to do. You've been improving really well, you should be proud of yourself. Did you have any help with this? It just got me wondering. Well anyway Kelvin, brilliant. Keep up the good work. :)

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