Monday, 20 May 2013


When I went to my first rugby practice I was nervous because I had  not played in a rugby club. In my very first rugby game against Papatoetoe. I got tackled. It was painful and sore. But now  i'm not nervous and i'm not  scared of tackled and i'm not scared of the ball.  Now I don't feel scared any more.


Blade said...

Hey Kelvin my feelings was the same that I was a bit shy being in a new team. When you played Papatoetoe did you win your game?

Clearissa said...

Hi Kelvin, It is great to hear that you are not scared of getting tackled. If you were given a chance to be in the small blacks, would you take it?

Mele said...

Hi kelvin I was scared just like you but now your not scared any-more.

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