Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Weird and Wacky Food Festival

Walt: Write a summary.

Weird and Wacky Food Festival

It is about a  wacky and bizarre food festival.
A Tomato Festival is a food fight festival and it is held in Spain.The Tomato Festival is the biggest festival in the whole wide world and it was made a long time ago and it is in August on the last Wednesday.They have tons of tomatoes that can fill up the whole street.

The Radish Festival was held in Mexico and it was held years ago. It is on 23 December at night.The festival lasts a few hours because radishes or vegetables don't last long. The people  use the radishes to make sculptures.   

I think we should have a weird and wacky tomato festival in New Zealand every year. The roads and the people will be covered in tomatoes.