Friday, 15 February 2013

Interview with Daroma

Interview with Daroma
Tell me what is your favourite movie and why?
My favourite movie is High School Musical. I like it because its a music video.
How do you go school?
I walk with my friends.
What is your favourite sport and why?
My favourite sport is rugby. I like rugby because it fun and when you're angry you get to tackle them.
Interview with Daroma   
What is your favourite shoes, any reasons why
My favourite shoes are Nike.I like Nike because they look cool.
What TV show do you like? why?
My favourite TV show is Dora. Because its a girls program.


Clearissa said...

Hi Kelvin, you have a great interview with Daroma. I can see that you used I a lot of questions, and at the end of them it says and why? f you had the chance to write or do another interview with anyone, who would you choose?

Chase said...

Great interview Kelvin and nice work with Daroma. Good use of questions. How many questions will you do next time.

Alisi said...

Kia ora Kelvin, the last question was funny. If you could interview anyone who would you choose?

Principal@GI said...

Your questions showed me that Daroma has a quircky sense of humour!!

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