Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook reflection 2012

It is cool having a netbook. Whenever I'm in a hurry I go fast when I am writing a story. It helps me in my maths, reading and writing but I still have a lot to learn and it shows me the weather. My netbook helps me in my e-asttle and my blog comments. It helps me on XI teach and my google app. I get to see our Room11 class website and I can go and comment on my friends blogs and find out about their learning. It helps me on my blog because I can share my stories with our class blog and my Mum leaves some nice comments on my blog. Im addicted to Kizi and Friv because I am number 1 at these games on my computer because it is so fun and so cool.


Crystal said...

Kelvin, your story is good. The netbooks help you in a big way doesn't it? You must be inspired because I am!

What do you find interesting about the netbook?

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