Friday, 25 October 2013

Fire At Anna's House

One afternoon there was a fire at Anna's house. Anna was scared and she screamed because she couldn't get out of the house. So she calls 111 and they  were coming to save the day. The fire was getting bigger by the minute.

Then when the firemen came They got the hose then all the fire was out. Then 3 firemen when in to got Anna and when they tried to get out but they couldn’t get out to so they called out for back up. 5 minute and almost all the fire was out so when the backup used there hose and put the fire out. They kick the door down and went in the house. They were looking for here and find her in the basement.

They got Anna and the 3 firemen. 2 of the firemens were dead and 1 Was alive and that was the worst day of her life.


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